Rockwood Park wedding ceremony of Katie & Talbot | Wilmington, Delaware

An awesomely laid-back couple, surrounded by amazing family and friends, who wore flip flops for their wedding  – who could ask for more? A few photos from their wedding are below… more from the reception coming soon!

A bit about the couple…

Katie and Talbot’s story a classic one. Boy meets girl. Boy joins co-ed fraternity with girl. Boy and girl never date when it’s nice and easy and they live in the same city. Instead they wait until they live 3,000 miles apart and then BOOM!

We met as many do… blindfolded in the basement of a castle in Hartford, Connecticut while getting yelled at by older students. Though sometimes (most times) Katie wishes she blended in, she certainly stood out to Talbot! Throughout the fall semester of our Sophomore year, we became close friends. Late night parties, early morning forced labor, Techno Tuesdays and Thirsty Thursdays… who could blame us?

Luckily for Talbot, Katie was eager to stay in touch even after graduation and even traveled up to Seattle from San Francisco to visit one time. There also may have been a ‘date’ to the White River Amphitheater to see Katie’s favorite celebrity crush, Eminem.

Finally, one late night in the Fall of 2011, after years of stalling and avoidance, Katie texted the following to Talbot:
“I think I like you. Oops.”

Rudely, Talbot didn’t respond until the following morning but was thrilled that his years of subtle overtures finally paid off.

We had our real first date in Philadelphia a month later – going for a long winter walk in Wissahickon Valley Park. Then came a few months of long distance phone calls and enough cross country flights to qualify for premier status. Katie’s next move took her to New York City for grad school and after zero pressure whatsoever, Talbot joined her. Then on a March trip to the Azores (islands off the coast of Portugal) Talbot first convinced Katie to hike to the bottom of a crater to the edge of a lagoon…and then…they were engaged!

portrait of bride at rockwood park in wilmington DelawareBride and groom first look at Rockwood Park in Wilmington DelawareRockwood Park wedding portraits of bride and groom against trees of greenVintage wedding ring with rainbow backgroun at Rockwood Park wedding in Wilmington, DelawareWedding Ceremony at Rockwood Park in Wilmington DelawareFlower girl runs during Delaware wedding ceremony at Rockwood ParkBride and dad walk down the aisle during summer wedding at Rockwood Park in Wilmington DelawareColor photo of  bride and groom during summer wedding ceremony at Rockwood Park in Wilmington, DelawareBlack and white photo of bride and groom during wedding ceremony at Rockwood Park in Wilmington, DelawareElegant black and white intimate portrait of bride and groom at Rockwood Park in Wilmington Delaware