Downtown Club wedding reception of Bailey & Gerry|Philadelphia, PA

More from Bailey & Gerry on their wedding day. And make sure to read to the end – there’s an amazingly moving poem by John & Jeani Hansford that appeared in the wedding program.

How does it feel being married?
Pretty much the same, but more fun. We get to eat a lot more of each others food and wear each others clothes under the excuse of “what’s mine is yours!”

What was your favorite part of the wedding day?
Aside from the food, which we didn’t get much of a chance to taste, we really enjoyed having all of our closest family and friends together in one place to have a big party!

How did you choose The Downtown Club?
We chose The Downtown Club for a few reasons: 1) we really liked the “one-stop-shop” service they offer. It was great to not have to coordinate between several different individual vendors, 2) the location is spectacular. The history and architecture of Independence Mall is unlike any other place. Plus we had a lot of family come into town for our wedding and we thought they would get a kick out of the incredible view.

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Tell us about your cake!
We wouldn’t know where to begin. The Cake was four layers with each layer a different flavor. It was decorated in a 1920s Gatsby style which just added to the feel for the whole evening.

downtown club wedding cake and inviitation

What was the one thing you were most stressed about before the wedding and how did it turn out?
We were terrified of the first dance. We had taken lessons in the weeks leading up to the wedding, but that didn’t help assuage our anxiety. But the dance turned out to be a big hit. We finished with the petal cannon going off which added to the fun and excitement of the night.

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Tell us about your decor, flowers, etc.
Flowers: This was the big area where we wanted to be classy, but bold. We opted for all white arrangements made of long stem calla lillies or hydrangeas but our favorite piece was in the cocktail lounge. We had a giant 8 foot diameter, 4 foot tall arrangement of various white flowers. It made for a really dramatic entrance piece and backdrop for many family moments.

Elegant Philadelphia wedding at The Downtown ClubPhiladelphia wedding at the Downtown Club

Finally, this beautiful poem by John & Jeani Hansford:

Back in our day, we could not be here
Some love was hidden regardless of how dear
At that time, no one wanted to see
That love could be between a him and a he

You are our Son, we’re proud of who you are
For pushing forward no matter how hard
Today is your day to stand up and say
That back in our day we did things the wrong way

Love has no path, no schedule, no school
You love who you love, there is no rule
We gather today to celebrate that love
How beautiful it is and blessed from above

As we can see, ignorance is still here
It’s driven by hate and acted on by fear
Don’t let it cloud your happiness this day
Live your live and live it your way

Bailey and Gerry thanks for making us see
That this is exactly where you should be
There for each other, no matter the need
Always side by side – no one in the lead

Philadelphia same sex wedding at The Downtown Club

Venue: Down Town Club– Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Suit: My Suit – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hair: Elizabeth Terenchin – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Wedding Planner: Kelsey Hill of Cescaphe Event Group – Philadelphia, PA
Flowers: Beautiful Blooms – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cake: Cescaphe Event Group – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Officiant: Kobie Xavier
Band/DJ: The Love Jones Band – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Invitations: Papery of Philadelphia – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia wedding photographer: Leslie Barbaro