Downtown Club wedding of Bailey & Gerry|Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bailey and Gerry were surrounded by an incredible group of family and friends for their summer wedding at Cescaphe’s Downtown Club in Philadelphia.

The Grooms wrote this moving message to their guests in their ceremony program:

We want to express our sincerest gratitude for joining us on this special day. We know that you have very busy lives and schedules and we appreciate you taking time to be with us.

In light of recent events, days like today, and moments like this are increasingly important. It shows that we will not give in to hate, fear, intolerance, or any other of humanity’s worst traits. It sends a message that there are things in this world that are more powerful. Like Love.

Love is something that we all have in common. It’s a great unifier. A universal truth. No matter who we are, where we’ve come from, or what we believe, we have come to realize one thing.

Love is what we all do right.

About the couple…

Bailey and Gerry met in early 2009 during a swim team practice at Philadelphia’s Fins Aquatics Club. Bailey had just joined the team that year, after deciding that his new year resolution was to get into shape (the start of what would become the same resolution every year thereafter). Gerry had been on the team since 2007, was the resident world record holder in one of the competitive relay races, and just enjoyed the sport.

After the intense workout and a quick introduction by the team captain, a group of teammates went out for Chinese food. Although there were 20 people that went to dinner, chance sat Bailey and Gerry across the table from each other. The two immediately dove headfirst into conversation, joking and telling stories, hardly noticing they were surrounded by others. To this day, they have a hard time remembering that there were almost 20 people at dinner.

A few more post-swimming Chinese food meals, bonding over their shared love of travel, sports, and being foodies, Bailey and Gerry decided to make it official during the 2009 Superbowl.

Neither Gerry nor Bailey have been back to the pool since.:)

Who proposed and how?

We kinda proposed to each other over brunch at Dos Caminos in Northern Liberty. Its safe to say we had a few margaritas before hand. It wasn’t fancy or overly romantic but it was special to us.

When was the moment you knew you wanted to marry your spouse?:

Bailey: For me, it was a few months in to dating when he agreed to go on a spontaneous last-minute vacation to Ireland. I had found really great airfare and didn’t want to lose the deal. For Gerry, it was the moment he saw me (just kidding… but that’s what I tell myself).

What was your favorite part of planning your wedding and why?

Bailey’s favorite part was planning the whole thing. Bailey is a project manager by career, and therefore loved getting into the details. Unfortunately, many of Bailey’s family did not find his planning their favorite part. Gerry’s favorite part was tasting the deserts.

What was the most challenging part of planning your wedding and why?

Bailey’s biggest challenge with the wedding was incorporating Gerry’s requests into the big day. When they originally started to plan the wedding, Gerry was fine to leave the planning and decisions up to Bailey, however that quickly went away after their first planning meeting. Gerry had a lot more decisions than he let on.

Tell us about your dog!

Winston is probably the biggest joy in our lives, and has been a part of Gerry’s and my family for four years. We adopted him at 8 weeks old. Given that we talk, act, and treat Winston like he’s our son, we thought it was only proper that he have a starring role in the wedding by being our ring-bearer. And he did a wonderful job, we couldn’t have been prouder puppy parents.

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Venue: Downtown Club – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Suit: My Suit – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hair: Elizabeth Terenchin – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Wedding Planner: Kelsey Hill of Cescaphe Event Group – Philadelphia, PA
Flowers: Beautiful Blooms – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cake: Cescaphe Event Group – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Officiant: Kobie Xavier
Band/DJ: The Love Jones Band – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Invitations: Papery of Philadelphia – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia wedding photographer: Leslie Barbaro