Brantwyn Estate Wedding of Margaux & Marco |Wilmington, Delaware

After spending time with Margaux & Marco (and Piper) for their engagement session at the University of Delaware, I knew their wedding day would be elegant, joyful, and most importantly to the couple, fun! More photos from the reception coming soon. Enjoy!

About the couple…
Marco is German. He was recruited to the University of Delaware to play football in 2003. He studied Marketing and later went on to earn an UD MBA in 2011. He works for a British company as the International Marketing Director. Margaux also attended the University of Delaware, studied Fashion Merchandising and works in retail. They live in Pike Creek (Wilmington, DE) with their “absolutely perfectly adorable” 7-year-old cocker spaniel, Piper.

How did you meet?
Blame it on our Texas upbringing or my dad’s good influence, but in my family we celebrate and commiserate with Margaritas. So of course, I rarely miss a Cinco de Mayo party. It was May 5, 2011 and I blew off a blind date to go celebrate Cinco de Mayo with my sister Andrea at Border Café.

We walked through the front door, and it was packed, but out of the corner of my eye to my left, I saw Marco sitting at the bar. Not a moment later when he stood up, my sister immediately said, “Do you see how tall that guy is? You should date him, so you can wear high heels”, which of course is the basis for all great relationships!

Try as I did, he paid me absolutely no attention. Until I happened to drink 10 too many margaritas and stopped him in passing to ask how tall he was. He said 6’8” and told me his name was Marco. I made him show me his driver’s license, because I thought he was making it all up (Margaux and Marco? Seriously?). I also proceeded to put on my sister’s heels to see just how tall he really was. Despite all of these shenanigans, we ended up discovering a common interest in fitness and exchanging numbers. The next day, he texted me at 5am to prove he had woken up early and made it to the gym for his morning workout. He was surprised when I too responded before 7am.

Our first date was later the next week; we met at Scratch Magoo’s for a drink. It was a little like a scene from 50 first dates because I had so many margaritas on Cinco de Mayo I was asking a lot of the same questions. Marco said, “Let’s start over. I’m Marco, I work in marketing”.

delaware weddng at brantwyn estatewedding preparations at hotel dupont

black and white photo of flower girl running through field

Tell us about your dress…
I went dress shopping alone. I visited a small boutique and had a young girl helping me. I went through the racks, selected a few typical strapless, long, basic gowns. I tried on what I had and was about to get redressed when she said to me, “Wait, you didn’t try on the dress I took of the mannequin for you.” Slightly confused, I didn’t notice the dress draped over the chair in the fitting room. I would have never selected it on my own, and didn’t want to hurt her feelings so I tried it on. It was about a size too small, but we got it zipped and I actually kind of liked it. Being alone, I wanted a second opinion, so I had her take a picture, and I left. Everyone has that one friend, the one who will be honest with you no matter what; the friend who will tell you the truth, even if it’s not what you want to hear. For me, that’s my friend Tracey Greenwood. I texted a photo of me in the dress and asked for her famously honest opinion, she didn’t text a reply, she called, and all she said was “I love it, that’s the dress.” A day later I went to Claire’s on Philadelphia Pike and bought it! I give my MOH Tatyana credit for the bridesmaid’s dresses, I selected the color and she selected the gown. It looked great on everyone.

Bridal portrait at Brantwyn Estate in Wilmington Delaware

Hotel DuPont wedding Wilmington, Delaware

Wilmington Delaware wedding at Brantwyn Estate

What was your favorite part of the wedding day?
For me, it was walking down the long aisle with my dad. It meant so much to me that he was there. It was such a special part of the day, the part you always envision as a little girl. I also really loved that our dog Piper was part of our ceremony, she even wore her pearls. Additionally, it was really special that without knowing it, Marco and I selected the same wedding day card for each other. His best man, Manuel, delivered mine to me, and I snuck his into the inside pocket of his tux jacket the day before. For Marco, it was when the sun came out (for the first time in 11 days) and he saw me walking the down the aisle smiling.

Brantwyn Estate srping wedding ceremonyDelaware wedding ceremony at Brantwyn Estateblack and white Brantwyn Estate wedding ceremony

When was the moment you knew you wanted to marry Marco?
We had taken a day trip to the beach. Piper (who was only my dog at the time) was with us and she injured her leg running around playing fetch on the sand. She was walking, but limping just a bit. Without saying anything, Marco bent down, picked her up, and carried her. That’s when I realized how compassionate and caring and loving this really big guy was. I knew then the size of his heart matched the size of his presence and I was really lucky to have him.

Who proposed to who and how? 
Every January, we take an Island vacation. First of all, to escape winter and secondly, it’s a nice break for me after the retail holiday. In 2015 we visited Aruba. We had a great time. We planned a horseback riding trip and a snorkeling trip. On the horseback excursion, my horse tripped on the rocks and fell, and I fell off with it. I was covered in scrapes and cuts and told Marco I didn’t want to go into the ocean, because with my shark week education, I knew sharks were attracted to blood. He insisted we go. I was so scared. We made our way to Aruba Bob’s snorkeling adventures. Picked out our masks and fins, we piled into a van and our guide Stewart took us out into the water. We were exploring the ocean and Marco picked up a conch shell under water and handed it to me. Inside was written, “Will you marry me?” He even tied the ring to his swim trunks using fishing line. So right there in the middle of Caribbean Sea, we decided to spend the rest of our lives together. Fortunately, Stewart, who was in on the entire plan, captured the moment on video. You can watch it on YouTube.

elegant wedding ceremony at Brantwyn Estate

How does it feel different being married?
It’s really wonderful! It was so great to share that moment surrounded by family and friends. Everyone was genuinely happy for us. We are so lucky to have so many wonderful people in our lives.

classic, elegant bride & groom portraits

Venue: Brantwyn Estate – Wilmington, Delaware
Dress shop: Claire’s – Wilmington, Delaware
Suit: Calvin Klein
Hair: Salon by Dominic – Hockessin, Delaware
Make-up: LaVonne Coker – Wilmington, Delaware
Flowers: Ramone’s – Wilmington, Delaware
Officiant: Ian Stevenson
Band/DJ: EBE – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Delaware wedding photographer: Leslie Barbaro