NYC wedding ceremony of Chris & Jason | The Press Lounge

Chris & Jay’s ceremony was absolutely beautiful. The weather, the view, and most importantly the friends and family that surrounded them as they said their vows. Chris’ brother, a professional vibraphonist (how cool is that?!) played as their mother walked down the aisle with the couple. August Gold made an incredible officiant and I love that their fathers acted as the ring bearers – each presenting his new son-in-law with a wedding band destined for his own son’s hand. And of course there was a moment of celebration during the service to acknowledge that their partnership is legally recognized throughout the country!

When I asked Chris and Jay to write a little about themselves, this is lovely response I received:

Three ways we’ve changed in the last five years together

Jason: I have been able to truly experience love. All the times I had thought I was in love, turned out to be ego-based. I love Chris on a soul level and its hard to articulate, but there is a big difference. I also feel Chris’ love for me. I am not scared around him. Fear rarely exists in our relationship and when it comes up, we handle it.

I now understand partnership. It’s not always easy, but its worth it. Making an effort to give, being able to receive. Recognizing when I am being selfish. I love living with Chris. I remember the first time we spent an entire afternoon together without saying a word. We are very comfortable in each other’s presence.

I learned how to create a future. Chris has taught me how to be responsible with our resources. We own a home together. We have no debt and a lot of savings.

Chris: I am more loving. Jay has deepened my ties to family and friends and taught me to be more patient and proactive in relationships. He has also modeled for me what a partnership commitment truly means – a promise to always show up for the other person, even when it’s tough.

I am more fully expressed. Jay has opened my mind to the value of greater self-awareness and more authentic communication. I love that he does disciplined work in this area and graciously shares it with me.

I am more grateful. Every day being with Jay reminds me how incredibly fortunate I am. I know many people who don’t have someone they love as much as I love Jay and he loves me.

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What was your favorite part of the wedding day?
Jason: August wrote such a beautiful ceremony.  Standing with Chris in front of our friends and family felt surreal.   When August asked everyone to stand and recite the Gaelic blessing to us, I was certainly overcome with emotion.  It was really special and exactly what we wanted.

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Coming Friday – reception photos!

Officiant: August Gold
Cake & caterer: PRINT restaurant – New York, NY
Suits: Ted Baker
Venue: The Press Lounge – New York, NY
Venue coordinator: Wendy Nash
Music: Jason Adasiewicz – Chicago, IL
Wedding coordinator: Justin Maloney of Convivium Catering – New York, NY

NYC same-sex wedding photographer – Leslie Barbaro