Central Park portrait session of Laura & Henry |New York, NY

When I first received Henry’s email inquiring about a photo session for him and his girlfriend who have a long-distance relationship, I thought, “Hey, I know what that’s like!” Little did I know my two hours up and down the New Jersey Turnpike for the past 7 years is nothing compared to what separates him and Laura.

Henry and Laura first met in Belize in 2011. Henry was volunteering at a marine conservation organization where Laura was working full time. They quickly became friends, bonding over a mutual love for conservation, marine life and underwater photography. After three weeks Henry returned home to London, and thanks to modern technology (and Facebook), the two were able to keep in touch.

Laura and Henry answered were together via Facetime when they jointly responded to my email…

“About a year ago we started talking more frequently and very quickly we were unable to go a day without speaking to each other. We became such close friends and from both sides hesitated to become anything more with the fear that the distance would make it impossible. In May 2014 we officially broke that barrier and announced to each other our deep love for one another.”

How can you not love their story?! When they met in New York recently it had been more than three years since they last saw each other.

“We like to be cheesy and planned to first meet at the top of the Empire State Building at the beginning of our trip together. We were both quite nervous before meeting as it was kind of strange having not been together for so long. The anxiety was unfounded really, but naturally it was there for both of us.”

“I was waiting at the top,” Henry says, “looking at the amazing view when I felt Laura’s hand ouch my back. I turned around and as soon as I saw her we both kissed each other immediately. This all sounds really cheesy and soppy, but it really was amazing and all nervousness disappeared instantly.”

I can’t even convey what an honor it was to spend time photographing these two. Enjoy…

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We really love this photo because it captures a moment where we remember what we were saying to each other during this, having so much fun and it is a really beautiful image. We love how it encapsulates how we are together, our happiness and our love for each other…

NYC portrait session in Central park.