The Mill at The Stone Barn wedding reception of Ashley & Jule | Kennett Square, PA

Reception photos and some thoughts on marriage and wedding planning from Ashley…

“Before meeting each other, neither Jule nor I thought we would ever get married. We just figured we weren’t the type. But long before we decided to get married, it became clear we wanted to spend our lives together.  I think the actual act of getting married reinforced that to us. It was special in a way that I, for one, didn’t know it would be. After being with someone for almost five years, you kind of figure it won’t be a big deal. But that day was so emotional for both of us, and seeing so many people we loved from over the years all in one place – wow! It was overwhelming and almost overpowering, but also a lot of fun  – I’m not sure we realized how many of our friends and family can tear up a dance floor!

The planning was actually fairly smooth – we owe so much to my parents for helping us with logistics and details and even recommending the venue!  They went out to dinner at the Stone Barn in Kennett Square long before we got engaged and thought it would be a good place for a wedding – though, of course, they were wise enough not to share their thoughts before we actually got engaged!  We looked at a lot of places, but couldn’t get past how much we loved the barn. It just felt like the right place for two people who like to hike, bike, run and be outdoors as much as we do. And getting married near a place I spent my high school days was really lovely for me.” – Ashley


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