Ty & Walt|Wilmington, DE engagement

It’s always a roll of the dice going through with a shoot when the forecast calls for rain. Where is spring this year anyway? Fortunately last weekend worked out perfectly for Ty & Walt’s engagement session in Wilmington.

We had planned to meet in Brandywine Park near the zoo, but little did we know it was the date of the Delaware Marathon… and the route would be going right through the park and all the roads would be closed off. I had scouted another location so it was easy to improvise and we headed up the road a bit – to a perfect little (sort of hidden) garden spot in the city.

I always encourage couples to do a pre-wedding engagement photo session if possible. It’s great to spend some time together before the wedding day and I inevitably learn quite a bit. Some information is helpful, some surprising and some is just plain fun.

I already knew about Ty’s devotion to the Dallas Cowboys and Walt’s affinity for the San Francisco 49ers , and I discovered their shared affinity for irreverent, animated TV shows.

I knew that Walt’s father, a minister, would be performing their ceremony. What I didn’t know, however, is that they went through their pre-marriage counseling sessions with him!

Ty and Walt were super comfortable and natural in front of the camera. They will bust out dance moves at the drop of a hat. And they believe a game of rock, paper, scissors is a perfectly acceptable way to settle disputes! I love it.

Thanks for an “amazing” day. Enjoy…